One of the easiest online jobs for students, stay-at-home moms and people looking for side gigs are online transcriptions. Obviously, you might wonder whether you qualify to do an online transcription jobs.

    Indeed, you do. Because there’re several online transcription jobs for beginners.

    Let’s check what kinds of online transcription jobs are available for beginners.

    Types of Online Transcription Jobs

    Online Transcription Jobs

    There’re different types of online transcription jobs that suit every beginner. Depending on your personal likes, select from any of these online transcription jobs for beginners.

    • Medical Transcriptions: You’ll make transcripts of talks between a doctor and patient, surgeons during an operation, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and other healthcare providers. Medical transcription jobs are easily available due to high demand.
    • Legal Transcriptions: These are the highest paying transcription jobs. Legal translations involve creating summaries of talks between attorneys and their clients and legal debates. You’ll need some knowledge about laws since these jobs are complex but pay the highest.
    • Financial Transcriptions: Again one of the highest paying transcription jobs, it involves creating summaries of talks between bankers, financial experts, economists, and others. This is also a complex job. But beginners with some knowledge of banking and finance can take them easily.
    • Technical Transcriptions: As the term implies, you’ll be transcribing talks or discussions between engineers, technical experts, and their likes. Anyone with some technical background can take technical translation jobs as a beginner.

    As I mentioned earlier, there’s no need for any previous experience in doing o


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